Identifiers for breakpoints

In yesterday’s online meeting, we were wondering which identifiers Matlab was using for its breakpoints.

I tried to add some break points in functions, private functions, local functions, nested functions, classdef classes using their editor and checked what Matlab returns for dbstatus

“Normal” function:
Breakpoint for function_name is on line 86.
Private function:
Breakpoint for folder_name\private\private_function_name is on line 13.
Local function:
Breakpoint for function_name>local_function_name is on line 278.
Nested function:
Breakpoint for function_name>nested_function_name is on line 27.
Classdef constructor:
Breakpoint for cldef_name>cldef_name.cldef_name is on line 195.
Classdef method:
Breakpoint for cldef_name>cldef_name.method_name is on line 48.
Classdef get function:
Breakpoint for cldef_name>cldef_name.get.property_name is on line 83.

The identifiers in the name field (if dbstatus is called with output argument) seem to match the identifiers in the printed text.

The +folder for functions in namespaces seems to be ignored in the output of dbstatus.
However, it seems to be necessary for adding a breakpoint with dbstop. E.g. with a class in the namespace +folder:

>> dbstop cldef_name>cldef_name.get.property_name
Error using dbstop
Cannot find function "cldef_name".
>> dbstop folder.cldef_name>cldef_name.get.property_name

The last command successfully sets a break point in that get function.

Please, let me know which cases are still missing.

Thanks for gathering this info.