Installing and using Biosig

This might be a relatively stupid question but I’ve been stuck for the whole day trying to figure out how to install Biosig for Octave. I’ve followed the steps on the script, which is as follow:
%This is a script installing all components in an automatically.
% 1) extract the files and
% 2) save the BIOSIG files in <your_directory>
% 3) start matlab
% cd <your_directory>
% biosig_installer
% 4) For a permanent installation, save the default path with
% PATH2RC or
% PATHTOOL and click on the “SAVE” button.
% 5) For removing the toolbox
% remove the path to
% HOME/tsa
% HOME/BIOSIG/ and all its subdirectories

I’ve managed to run the script and get this output:

I don’t know if it has been installed, and if so, how to use the functions to process signals.
I’ve searched for tutorials in vain, I would very much appreciate if you could link me to a tutorial on signal processing on octave with biosig.
Thank you

My system

  • OS: Windows 10 Pro(version 2004)
  • Octave version: Version 5.2.0
  • Installation method: Downloaded and installed “octave-5.2.0-w64-installer.exe” from

Where does this script come from? It looks like a misleading Matlab installation instruction and I cannot find it on the official homepage.

The Octave version used by you includes already the Biosig library. To install the Octave interface, the author recommends to just run from within the Octave command window:

pkg install

For details see

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Thank you for the help!