IRC channel for Octave

As shortly discussed during the last online meeting, @apjanke has set up an #octave IRC channel on On the Octave website, we are still promoting the old location, where some (many?) of us do not have access anymore. If we agree on still maintaining an IRC channel in addition to this discourse group and moving to, I would contact the team there for an official project registration.

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I used to be the group contact for the IRC channel in Freenode and unless someone else wants to step up to do it for Libera, I can do it again.

In the meantime, I have hastily patched the Octave webpage to point to Libera instead of Freenode. But things have moved around since I was last around. @jwe where did the repos go? They don’t seem to be where they used to be. I patched the generated HTML with CVS but I need to do the corresponding patch to the markdown sources.

If you want to work on the Octave website, please see and in case of any questions I can help out :wink:

Sorry for the seemingly complicated workflow. Website hosting at Savannah with CVS is a beast :sweat:

Yeah, thanks, I found that. What I can’t find is where to push the
changes to! I can’t find the repo in its old ssh location.