Is down?

Is down for everyone? Or is it just me?

I was just able to do an hg pull for octave without issues.

Isn’t the octave repository hosted on savannah? There might be a mirror on But savannah is still working for me, too.
E.g. MXE Octave is hosted on That is down for me currently.

The buildbots seem to have troubles connecting as well:
Buildbot (

Still down for me :sweat:

Same here.

IIUC, @jwe pushed yesterday to the MXE Octave repository in bug #61246 while it was down for me.
So, the mercurial server seems to be still running. But there might be an issue with the https interface?? :man_shrugging:

Sorry, I meant to check that out yesterday. I couldn’t see any obvious changes to the hgweb or nginx configurations so I rebooted the system and it seems to be working for me now.

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Perfect! Works for me now. Thank you! :+1:

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I’m getting the gateway error for again. Anyone else seeing the same issue?

Edit: Looks like the buildbots have the same issue: Buildbot (

I can pull right now.

@siko1056: Did you pull from (not from That still results in a “502 Bad Gateway” error for me…

I get 502 error when I try to pull from On the other hand, I always use the address so I’ve never encountered this error.

Thanks for checking.
MXE Octave is only on that server as far as I know.

Does it work for you now? I rebooted the system that hosts


At least for me

hg pull -v
pulling from
searching for changes
no changes found
hg pull -v
pulling from
real URL is
searching for changes
no changes found

Thanks. Works for me again, too.