Is Savannah down?

On 2021-Dec-20 at 1200 UTC, Mercurial isn’t pulling updates from Savannah for me, ping loses 50% of packets sent to Savannab, and is not accessible because of timeout errors.

Is this the case for you as well? Are there status updates from GNU?

Afaict, all of and is down or unreachable currently.
It’s unclear (to me) if the FSF admins are aware of this. Their Twitter doesn’t have any info either…

Still down for me :sweat:

They are all (,, working for me now.

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Yes, it seems to be back up now. Thanks Kai for linking the FSF status page.

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Is anyone receiving email notifications from Savannah? I didn’t receive any since the outage yesterday…

Edit: I opened a support ticket on savannah:
Savannah Administration - Support: sr #110586, Email notifications from bug tracker stopped working

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I am not receiving emails either.

I started receiving a backlog of emails a few hours ago but they’re coming in random order (not necessarily chronological). Hopefully whatever the Savannah problem was has been resolved and this is just the backlog.