Is down?

I cannot reach any more.
It was still up less than an hour ago.

Does anyone else see the same? Or is it a local issue on my side?

Yes, same here, connection timeout.

Seems to be back up again.
Maybe just a temporary hiccup.

Aaand it’s down again. :sleeping:

No issue yet, but for future reference: Updates about the server status seem to be posted here

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Many of the servers on are unreachable for me currently. That includes and The bug tracker on is very slow from my side.
Is anyone else also seeing similar issues?
No notice (so far) about planned outages on FSF Out of Band Updates ( -

seeing similar, but apparently it’s changing by the minute. trying to pull from octave source gives a 502 Bad Gateway error. Their web gateway is apparently up with a placeholder at, but also gives a 502. gave no response a minute ago and reported it down, but just now it came up very slowly and the same site checker reports it back up.

ETA: and i was just able to pull the source again. so maybe whatever intermittent issue it was is fixed?