Is the software package Coulomb 3 compatible with Octave?

Coulomb 3.3 Graphic-Rich Deformation and
Stress-Change Software for Earthquake, Tectonic,
and Volcano Research and Teaching—
User Guide

Your question in the previous title (“Coulomb 3.3can I use it with Octave? work s in MatLab”) is sparse in information and I can only answer with three questions:

  1. What is Coulomb 3? :thinking: (marked as legacy software there)
  2. Did you give it a try yourself?
    • The fastest way to find out: download Octave, try running your computations as in Matlab, and ask here if you face any problems.
  3. Why don’t you ask the Coulomb 3 developers?
    • According to their website: Mr. Ross Stein
    • It is super unlikely, that many users of a legacy niche software gather around here.