Keeping bookmarks at restart

Hi , Is there a way to keep the bookmarks we marked on an m. file even after we reboot the pc or the octave app ? Because when I close the files or the app they disappear …

Thanks .

Not sure what you mean by bookmarks – what is the sequence of steps you use in Octave to create bookmarks? Are you referring to breakpoints for debugging?

I mean the bookmarks we put by pressing F7

he’s referring to the Navigation Bookmarks, accessible in the GUI menu under Edit/Navigation. Options include:

Next Bookmark F2
Previous Bookmark Shift-F2
Toggle Bookmark F7
Remove all Bookmarks

I’ve never actually used these, so have no idea how they’re implemented,stored,etc. @ttl ?

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These bookmarks are using the markers provided by Scintilla. Currently, they are not stored. But this should be possible for the files in the MRU list and for the files of the last editor session, if desired.

Could you please tell me how ?

Sorry, my post was not clear enough. It should be possible to implement storing the bookmarks for the next session. In the current version, this feature is not available.

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