Machine Learning & Deep Learning in Octave

Almost 2 years ago, I wrote a short review regarding what are the options for someone wanting to employ ML or DL in Octave. This review can be found here:

I just want to add some information regarding my recently gained experience employing Cortexsys. I have used it successfully to evaluate results of hydrological models. The publication can be found here:

I only tested it with RNN and LSTM networks, but since Cortexsys performed smoothly, I guess it will perform equally well for CNN, so I recommend it. The latest Cortexsys release (v3) was 5 years ago:

Cortexsys, though compatible with Octave, was intended to be a MATLAB tool. To help the installation in Octave, I have made some changes to the section “Initialization and Startup” of the file and created a new repository: