Make a topic to a wiki?

Does that magic work?

This feature is less interesting than expected :roll_eyes:

It just enables logged in users to edit the “wiki marked” post…

Since we already have a wiki, yeah, this feature is less useful for us.

But I could see it maybe being useful for a few things

  • User contributed “how to” posts demonstrating examples/recipes for getting various things done with Octave
  • Frequently asked questions could be written up here on discourse, which could be cross referenced when people ask the same help question, or even better seen by a user when they start to create a new topic
  • Posts that show off new features or sets of functions that users may not know about, kind of like a blog post, that could be updated over time as practices change

Most of these are redundant with our wiki, because yeah we already have a wiki, but people could try playing with these types of ideas on discourse to see how it compares.