Makefile:30757: target 'libgui/src/.octave-dirstamp' given more than once in the same rule

Is anyone else getting the message above when compiling Octave? I’m not sure when it started, but it feels recent. I didn’t notice it at first because it is not tagged with either “error” or “warning”, but it is still extraneous and probably indicates something wrong in the build system.

If nobody else has this issue then I can re-clone and see if that fixes the problem. Of note, I am doing an in-source-tree build.

Yes, I’ve been getting it. Noticed it yesterday. I build in a separate directory. I get it even after deleting the build directory and rebuilding. I haven’t tried cloning again though.

Looking at buildbots logs, those seem to appear in

HG ID for this build is "1a0756f7c90a"

(Aug 31)

Thanks for tracking down the changeset that started this. I fixed things here octave: a103cfd738c5

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