Multi language structure

I have a general question about how octave handles the language files.
I know that different volunteers translate from English to many different languages what is the file that they start with?
and how does octave know where to place the translated text?
I am at a loss to understand the process.
Doug Stewart ( ?)

I’m not an expert on that either. But afaict, they would probably start from the libgui/languages/en_US.ts file.
Afaict, Qt’s function tr uses the English text as a key for mapping to the translations provided for other languages.

Thanks mmuetzel! That is what I needed to get started in my quest to understand this part of octave’s methods. I am helping a young programmer. who’s software has expanded to many countries, and now needs multiple languages. His software is Java script, and is now used around the world, but is written in Portuguese.