MXE Octave: Octave is installed in two different folders

The build rules for the Octave packages (,, install Octave to two different locations: One with all the other packages (the --prefix location) and another one in a directory that seems to be reserved for Octave:

         $(MAKE) -C '$(1)/.build' -j '$(JOBS)' DESTDIR=$(TOP_BUILD_DIR)/octave install; \

Why do we need that second, separate installation location?

For a test, I removed that installation step: Creating the Windows 7z-dist and nsis-installer seems to work fine without that second installation.
Is it ok to remove that step?


I forget now what the reason was for doing that, so if it doesn’t appear to cause trouble, I’d say you might as well remove it.

I pushed a change removing the second installation here: