MXE Octave: Update MSYS2 packages to newer versions

The MSYS2 packages that are included when building Octave for Windows with MXE Octave are partly pretty old.
I guess that (at least part of) the reason they aren’t updated is that Windows 32-bit was dropped in upstream MSYS2.
IIUC, jeremyd2019 hosts a fork on GitHub that still builds updated packages for Windows 32-bit:
Releases · jeremyd2019/msys2-build32 (

@lostbard: Would it be possible to use that repository as a source for the Windows 32-bit packages?

Yeah the issue had been that the paackages no longer had the newer 32 bit versions.

I had thought about providing a 32 bit version vs 64 bit version to get over that, but would make it a little more confusing in terms of versions in a release

Ill take a look at that repo and see if it would work


looks like it will actually be relatively easy to do - testing now

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ok - pushed up what was latest from a few days ago for post msys2 packages, using the other repo for win32.

I havn’t noticed any changes in functionality on anything i’ve tried running so far


thanks for the awesome information.

I believe the updated msys2 packages will be merged in to what will become the octave 8 version of installer