mxLogical in mex file

I’m trying to compile mex files within my attempt to adapt EasySpin to run in octave.
In one of the files there is the following error:

(4/9) mdhmm_lbfgsb_wrapper.c    mdhmm_lbfgsb_wrapper.c:111:1: error: unknown type name 'mxLogical'; did you mean 'logical'?
  111 | mxLogical isInt( const mxArray *pm ) {
      | ^~~~~~~~~
      | logical

Does anyone now if I should only replace mxLogical by logical, or is there a specific Octave type?
Thank you very much!

Which version of Octave are you using?
Do your sources include mex.h?

It’s octave 6.2
And yes the problem was that include “mex.h” was commented because another header file was supposed to be included that wasn’t. Just uncommenting the line fixed it!
Should have checked better before!