My octave program to compute line integral showed error. How to remove that error?

My octave program showed the following error. How can I remove that error? I loaded 'symbolic ’ package in octave.

syms F1(x,y,z) F2(x,y,z) F3(x,y,z) r1(t) r2(t) r3(v)
Fr= dot(F,r);
dr= diff(r,t);
integrand = dot(Fr,dr);
error: Python exception: AttributeError: ‘Add’ object has no attribute ‘dot’
occurred at line 4 of the Python code block:
return, hermitian=True, conjugate_convention=“left”)
error: called from
pycall_sympy__ at line 178 column 7
dot at line 70 column 5

while someone here may be able to assist, you may get a more direct response over at the package github issue tracker:
Issues · cbm755/octsympy · GitHub

I solved the line integral problem, using Stokes theorem in octave successfully. My program was successful.

How can I compute kernel, null space, linear independence of vectors, basis, rank and norm of matrix in octave?

this should really be made into a new post topic

Start with help curl, then help for rank, null, norm and follow the “see also” links from each.

Edit: sorry, hadn’t seen the topic drifted. Yes, it should be moved to a new topic.

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