My Project at GNU Octave

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Hello World!

Let’s explore my project at GNU Octave- OpenLibm.

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Hi @shreyaswikriti, do you have updates for this week?

In original Discourse post the image postings of code do not show up (at least for me). This is not a big deal if the blog on is the reference and Discourse is merely a backup. But if they really are meant to be in sync then it would be nice to have all of your blog content mirrored here. I will say that I do follow Discourse, but rarely read offsite blogs (just too busy).

As an example of just how relevant cross-platform accuracy is, see GNU Octave - Bugs: bug #62332, [MinGW] acos(z), asin(z) and... [Savannah].

It would be a big win for your GSOC project if OpenLibm could trivially fix this bug.

For best compilation performance, see my last post at Tricks to speedup Octave building time? - #4 by alexvong1995. @siko1056 may have already pointed you there to take a look. I would be interested in knowing what your build time is with all acceleration tricks in place.

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In the current setup, the rss-polling feature only allows references to blog posts. No deep copies.

On the other hand. Discourse is already a cool software platform, maybe during next year’s GSoC contributors can just post here about their updates.

hello @siko1056, I tried many ways to build clang version 5 or lower with libc++ on my system but failed to do so. Right now I am setting up GitHub action for c++ code testing. There, I can quickly test the code for the macOS environment (but the latest one). I have one doubt that the code only fails at clang 5 which is a very older version. Right now, we have a higher version so do I need to care about this version of clang or should I go for the latest one?
Also, alongside setting up the action, I am working with the GNU Octave - Bugs: bug #62212, Issues when casting large integers... [Savannah]. Once I got my GitHub action set up I’ll be testing this bug on it. If everything works fine I’ll be configuring openlibm with octave next week.

@rik Thank you for suggesting the trick to speed up octave compilation. I’ve 4 core 8 thread + SSD system, I’ll follow the steps and update you with compilation time.

Thank you for the update and your hard work on the project.

Ubuntu 20.04 provides binary libc++ packages

We shouldn’t be to eager on a particular old clang or libc++ version for the start. I suggest to fix openlibm issues first and stay focused on that.

Can you share your GitHub Actions setup here? It sounds very interesting.

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Sorry actually they have different reasons for shifting from openlibm, I read something wrong.
Future of openlibm in julia · Issue #18102 · JuliaLang/julia · GitHub @cdf @carandraug

Hello @siko1056 , I would like to know what should I do in my next step? Till now I have tested openlibm and have shared my results. if you allow, I would like to start configuring it with octave and also I need your help in this. Waiting for your response.