New category: community topics

I think it’s evident that this forum needs a new category for topics that have more to do with the Octave community. At least “community” is what I would call it.

Example types of topics that might fall into this category:

  • Surveys or polls for opinions on things not directly related to development or maintenance
  • Questions or discussions about how people use Octave in practice
  • Discussing tools or comparisons with other numerical software
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Job listings

Thoughts? Flames?

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Here are some concrete topics that I would like to move to a new “community” category.

I’m in favor. A lot of forums include specific categories like these, including ‘off topic’ categories, allowing people to selectively filter their notifications.

I don’t have any objection to having a new category. I do wonder about moving “goals for next release” in to Community. On one hand, it would make sense because we might get more people (both maintainers and users) having opinions on the topic. But, since it is the maintainer’s who actually have to do the work I felt it was fairer if we responded to their desires.

No objections here either :slightly_smiling_face:

One thought is that this perfectly matches the basic idea of the current “Blogs” category (the former planet Octave). Maybe you just rename the “Blogs” category to “Community”. Despite from GSoC students and me there is not much content produced there :innocent:

Done :white_check_mark: