New Octave for Android App

Hey Octave Community,
Here is a quick update. My Octave for Android application hadn’t been updated for quite a while and was no longer functional. I am sorry for this, but honestly, I burned out a bit. That said, I am back and Octave is back on Android. To make sure this doesn’t get ever dropped again, I am making my Android work into an actual business. This means I am charging for some of my apps. To get Octave on Android, I present to you two choices… 1) You can install UserLAnd from the Play Store which allows you to run full Linux distros. It is free and you can install Octave within a Linux distro as you might normally if you are a Linux user. 2) You can install Octave from the Play Store. This costs $1.99 but doesn’t involve any technical steps to get it setup. It launches you directly into a graphical or terminal Octave session. Also, the first 100 people who request one, can get a free promo code so you don’t have to pay anything. I only ask that you rate it and provide a review (hopefully a good one, but that is up to you). You can request one by contacting me through via . Even though I am charging for some of my work now, it is all still open source. I hope you will all come and support me again.


Thanks for updating the app. I’ll give it a try later on.

Will you also support Octave-Forge packages? (notably the ones with binary modules, I suppose the pure .m file ones are easy to install)

Yes. There packages are installed by default: octave-control octave-financial octave-io octave-missing-functions octave-optim octave-signal octave-specfun octave-statistics octave-symbolic octave-image, but others can be installed.

OK, got it (Userland Octave).

It seems to run fine on my Samsung tablet - I see Octave’s GUI in all its glory :slightly_smiling_face:. Getting used to inputting command through the OSK looks to be an interesting experience, but that’s obviously a general smartphone/tablet issue.
On my smartphone it runs fine in a terminal. It says no display was set so gnuplot won’t work I guess. Installing packages using “-forge” didn’t work, I’ll investigate that a little bit, later on.

So far I’m impressed. Thank you for all the effort.

But I see that is is quite an ancient version - 4.4.1 - with similarly ancient package versions. Will you update Octave and packages to newer releases? Current is 7.1.0.

“pkg install” doesn’t work using “-forge” flag; something with host names. One has to manually download the package and then install from the local Downloads folderI tried to install e.g., mapping-1.4.2 but I get a message along the lines of “install liboctave-dev” from Deb to be able to run mkoctfile. So it seems the Octave package isn’t complete.
Installing a pure .m file package works.

Well at least there’s a new start for an Android version of Octave. I suppose the glitches will be worked out in due time.

Hmm… Octave forge packages were working locally at one point. I did turn off recommended packages to shrink the size of the filesystem image that is used. I must have dropped something important, like liboctave-dev, when shrinking things. This is good feedback.

As for the version, this was built using unmodified arm Debian Buster packages. I will rebuild based on newer packages next time I update the image. Thanks!

Right, I’ll await an update.
Note that the included packages do work fine. I just wanted to upgrade some and check if the ones I maintain (io and mapping) would work on Android.
Note that for Android I personally wouldn’t need a full-fledged Octave. I’d use it merely for smaller computations using the CLI, e.g. navigation related stuff aboard a sailing vessel.
On my Samsung tablet I was impressed by Octave’s GUI. OTOH manipulating the on-screen keyboard that overlaps the GUI is a PITA. The screen won’t rotate (portrait mode) to a situation where OSK and GUI could be more separated - let alone display some plots w/o too much screen / window / pane reorganization.