New release fields for the bug tracker

As discussed at the recent developer meeting, we have been using the “release” field in the bug tracker to mean several different things. Reports are usually submitted with the release field set to the version number in which the bug was observed. Then sometimes we’ve been changing the field value to be “dev” if the problem is also present in the current development sources or if the fix will only go on the development version, etc. I think that changing the version info in a bug report that way can cause some confusion. I wasn’t sure how we could improve things until yesterday during the meeting when I discovered that the bug tracker offers additional release fields “fixed release” and “planned release”. I’ve now enabled these fields and would like to start using the following guidelines for how to use the release-related fields:

  • release: Usually set to the release where the problem was first observed by the original submitter. The value of this field should only be changed if it was initially set incorrectly.

  • planned release: Set to the target release for fixing the problem, if known. Available values are currently “8.1.0 (current stable)” and “9.1.0 (current default)”. Set this value to the release you are targeting if you are working on the bug and wish to declare that the problem is expected to be fixed in the next stable release (major or minor release) or the next major release. The value can always be bumped to the next major release if a planned fix doesn’t happen in time for the next release.

  • fixed release: Once a problem is fixed, set to the next release that will contain the fix. Available values are currently “8.1.0 (current stable)” and “9.1.0 (current default)”.

To avoid confusion, I configured these new fields so that they are only shown to project members on the initial bug report submission page (if that’s not correct, let me know).


suggest pinning this

also, would anything similar make sense for the patch tracker? there’s currently no release field over there. options that might be useful assuming the same field names available- ‘fixed release’ (where actually implemented), planned/target release (what was the function/patch built against) which if limited to things with ‘patch submitted’ - not that that’s a status option - might help track stale patches

updating the available values for these fields should probably also become part of the release process, too?

The patch and task trackers appear to have the same set of fields available as the bug tracker. The fields “fixed release” and “planned release” make the most sense to me for those, but “release” could also make sense for the patch tracker as a way for the submitter to say “this patch was developed/intended for version X”.

And yes, when a release is made we need to add new field values and move the “(current [stable|default])” text.

just noticed there’s no 7.3.0 option under Release for bugs.

That’s because it is bug free.

EDIT: OK, I added the field value, just in case.