No notifications from savannah

I no longer receive email notifications from savannah. The last one I got is from Friday evening CEDT.
Is it just me again? Do others still receive notifications?


@mmuetzel looking at the Savannah octave-bug-tracker archive, I think it was just a calm weekend :innocent: :palm_tree: :rainbow:

I updated 2 or 3 reports and made another test a few minutes ago here:

I didn’t receive any notifications for those changes.

Looks like the mailing list archive is also mute.

Okay, I see. There should be something :thinking: Maybe updates only, but not necessarily new reports.

I keep observing this too and if nothing pops up within a few hours, we can ask the Savannah admins for support.

I wrote to savannah-users and CC’ed the maintainers mailing list:

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Thanks for the action. There was still no email notification and now I confirmed there has been activity over the weekend :sweat: let’s see what the savannah admins find out :thinking:

Yeah, I have updated a bug on Sunday and got no e-mail at all. I assume jwe also did not get the answer he requested.

Seems to be fixed by now. See

Thanks to the Savannah admins :+1: