Octave 5.2.0 GUI not running on macOS Big Sur 11.0.1

After the recent upgrade to macOS Big Sur the GUI of Octave won’t work anymore. Only the CLI is running correctly.
My questions:

  • Are there some major problems which prevent from using Octave on the most current version of macOS (i.e. do I have to downgrade)?
  • How can I start Octave from a terminal such that I can read eventual error messages?
  • Should I try to install via homebrew (where it is mentioned, that big_sur is supported)? grafik

Thank you very much for your answers.

My system

Hello Martin,
I’m Mac user as well. I am unable to open the octave. Did you find any solution? What preventing it ?

Thank You

@Jackmalhi2020 Please do not open more topics about the same issue, this does not help getting faster answers :wink:

First the good news, on a macOS system in my university, I can run Octave 5.2.0 from Homebrew (with the well-known very unstable GUI experience) after upgrading to macOS Big Sur 11.0.1.

What I did after upgrading was updating XCode and ran

brew update
brew upgrade
brew doctor
octave --gui

brew doctor showed me a warning, that the Homebrew project is also a little struggling with that release. Maybe it is just a question of a few weeks until things run smoothly again.

I didn’t use Homebrew?

You did implicitly use Homebrew, as the installers (octave.app) are based on it :wink:

Regarding installers (octave.app) https://github.com/octave-app/octave-app/releases since macOS Catalina one has to do this

  • 5.2.0 beta 2 does not work. After the installation the GUI does not open, as described by the OP.

  • 6.0.90 rc1 this one works very smoothly on superficial testing. Maybe you should give this a try, if you don’t like using Homebrew itself.

6.0.90 rc1 is working fine
Thank you for help

Thank you very much for your answers. Version 6.0.90 rc1 is working for me as well. Thanks for your awesome work!