Octave 6.0 outputs vales with e(e=2.718)

please help my octave 6.0 keeps giving me answers with e, for example when using the function for random numbers, it gives me some large values with e (e=2.718) to the power of some negative number. I need it to output normal numbers but i dont know how to do it.

Can you post the code snippet that gives you the undesired output and explain what you expect to compute?


Thanks for the quick response, I have attached a picture of my Octave, it’s my first time using it and I’ve been comparing some answers it gives me with my universities tutorial examples but it sometimes gives me incorrect answers. I have tried reinstalling it but it’s still the same. Could this be because I’m using the latest version? I was told to install an older version.

See “E notation” in e.g. Wikipedia: Scientific notation - Wikipedia

Also try “help format” in octave.