Octave 7.2 History not saved and read - macOS


MacBook Pro Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015 [Intel]
macOS: 12.6
Octave 7.2
MacPorts: 2.7.2

Problem: Command history is not being saved to a file when Octave quits and read when started.
Have done numerous Internet searches looking for a fix but have found nothing helpful.
Since I am new to Octave the documentation just does not provide enough details about how to save and then read the file when Octave starts.

Octave was installed using the MacPorts package manger.
Octave installed without any errors and operates without a problem.

Not sure if the octave installation has an issue or the correct setup was never configured by the package manger when Octave was installed.

How do I troubleshoot this problem?

If it is just a need to make a configuration change what needs to be done?



Istr that it was previously reported somewhere that the folder that Octave uses by default to store the history on POSIX systems doesn’t exist on macOS.
See also: Commands for History (GNU Octave (version 7.2.0))

What does history_file return for you at the Octave prompt? What could be a better default on macOS?