Octave 7.3 Installation on Windows 10

Dear Friends
I tried to install GNU Octave 7.3 (octave-7.3.0-w64-installer.exe) on Windows 10 Home. However Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevented this software from being installed. But this problem was not with older versions (octave-6.4.0-w64-installer.exe). Please help me. Thanks in advance.

Can’t think why Windows would complain. @Damitha can you try installing 7.3 from the 7z or zip archives instead of the exe? You can use this for guidance: Octave for Microsoft Windows - Octave

@nrjank any idea about the Windows error?

That is the same behavior we’ve seen in the past with installers that are still pretty new. IIUC, the Windows Defender has some kind of online database. If enough users clicked on “More info” and selected to install anyway, they start categorizing the installer as not harmful and no longer show this warning.
If you’d like to help speed up that process, you could also select to report it as being not harmful with the corresponding link in the message that will appear.


I believe this is not an error, just a very cumbersome warning. If the user clicks More Info, there should be an “install anyway” option (or some other button to that effect). I think it has to do with whether a developer has paid to have it signed as safe by Microsoft. There may be options you have set to enable smartscreen, and I think it may be possible for your settings to be more restrictive and not provide the option to go ahead and install. If that is the case it might require further investigation.

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