Octave CLI and GUI does not open from desktop shortcut after installation on MS Windows 10

I have installed octave 5.2.0. As I click on destop icon of both Octave (CLI) and (GUI), it does not open. octave (CLI) version works only from the bin folder(E:\Softwares\Octave-5.2.0\mingw64\bin) inside octave folder.any help will be appreciated.

Thank you for your question. That is strange. Can you send us details about the link that is not starting.

Do you have access restriction on drive E: or is there any particular reason to change the default installation location?

Octave has also compiled a small list of common error sources for your case. Maybe you can take a look at those items: https://wiki.octave.org/FAQ#Octave_does_not_start

Which error message are you seeing (if any)?

I get the following which is similar to yours.

When I try to open it. it shows nothing after clicking on the icon.

I have now uninstalled Octave, restarted my computer, then downloaded octave from official GNU site. I am running windows 10. I have followed the suggestion from mentioned link to Delete the folder C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME.config\octave.
I have now installed octave in C drive. All the permissions look good to me. I still have the same problem, when I click on Octave CLI or GUI logo on desktop, nothing shows or opens.

This is what I have now.

Does anything happen, if you open cmd.exe and enter


any output?

No Output. No external window opens.

You report just about one system. Do you experience the problem on other systems with the same configuration, too?

Is your MS Windows 10 configuration special in any regard (company pc, “AntiVirus” software, other installed software …)? :thinking:

I have anti virus installed.

Does turning it off for a few minutes to start Octave do the magic? :crossed_fingers: :innocent: :crossed_fingers:

can you check to see if you can run any vbs scripts. you can make a small script using Notepad, save it to the desktop (make sure it’s a .vbs not a .txt or .vbs.txt file), and double click it to see if it runs. if it does, move it to the same location as the octave.vbs file and see if it runs.

an example with script text you can use to popup a small message can be found at:

if this doesn’t work, it appears your computer does not let vbs scripts run. apart from figuring out what on your system can be changed to allow that, I’m not sure what the solution would be. octave switched from .bat files to vbs scripts a couple versions ago, and I’m not sure how easy it would be to run up to date octave without them to get it started.

if the test script does work, and octave.vbs still doesn’t’ run, then there’s still more investigation to do.

which antivirus? built in Windows AV, or a separate program? if it turns out to be blocking VBS files or the Windows Script Host, there may be an easy way to grant permission to run or stop blocking depending on what AV you use.

I have tried that. But unfortunately didn’t work.

I have builtin windows AV. I have turned that off for now and the problem still exists.

Thank you so much. Finally figured out, this is the problem now. I made a demo vb script using notepad,saved on desktop and it does not run. Any help on how to solve this problem now?

try moving it to a folder outside your user profile and make sure it still does not run. maybe a c:\temp folder or something. I suspect it won’t change anything but want to be sure.

Done. Still does not run.

is this your personal machine, do you have administrator access, or is this a managed machine (school/work)?

This is my personal machine.

I’m not certain where (if at all) that setting is hiding within windows defender. Try following the setting changes at the end of this article and see if they let you run the scripts. I don’t think they’re ones you want to leave off long term, but maybe they’ll provide hints.

although, you said already that disabling AV didn’t help?