Octave developer meeting October 2022

Lacking access to the Wiki currently, I’m posting some of my notes from the meeting yesterday here. (Please, add or edit if you deem necessary.)

  • Fosshost is currently down with no ETA for coming back. It doesn’t look like their availability meets our expectations. Some domains could be moved on short term to other hosts or mirrors. Mid-term, we’d like to move to a different host (e.g., Dreamhost). Ask NumFOCUS if sponsoring would be possible.
    Moving the buildbot host and hg repositories might be highest priority.
  • Octave 7.3.0 will likely be released during the next week (without a release candidate). Lacking access to the MXE Octave repository (host down), @jwe will ask @lostbard if he has a local checkout of the repository that he could supply.
  • Preparations for Octave 8: The default branch will likely get merged to the stable branch early in November. There was no major refactoring this time. So, we hope for a smooth release process.
  • It would be nice to get more testers that could check if bug reports can be closed as fixed. They don’t need to be maintainers. Anyone could possibly help (preferably on a variety of platforms). @arungiridhar reached out on discourse.
  • A variety of different (larger) projects were discussed that are candidates for being added for Octave 8. Most of these projects need interested developers that are willing to spend some time in implementing and helping to maintain those features.
  • A particular focus was on the string class (again). It might be a candidate for an early addition during the development cycle of Octave 9 (taking leverage of @apjanke’s .m file implementation in the tablicious package). Having that might allow adapting a range of functions to accepting string objects early on (even if a “final” implementation of the string class might be in C++). Decisions for how to transition to the new syntax for double quotes still need to be taken.
  • Other larger features include: a refactoring of the load path implementation, HDF5 interface for saving variables to files, implementation for saving classdef objects to files (probably only using that HDF5 interface), various improvements of the classdef implementation (e.g., better handling of arrays of classdef objects), input handling for the new experimental cross-platform command widget, and many more…
  • If possible, it would be nice if all of these projects could be split into smaller, more feasible sub-projects.
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For the mxe repo question, I do have a copy - last commit:

changeset: 6472:8891d4a21682
bookmark: @
user: John Donoghue john.donoghue@ieee.org
date: Fri Oct 21 16:56:22 2022 -0400
summary: * src/pixman.mk: update to v0.42.0

@lostbard: The last changeset I pulled is:

$ hg log
Änderung:        6468:7906c0f93b05
Lesezeichen:     @
Marke:           tip
Nutzer:          John Donoghue <john.donoghue@ieee.org>
Datum:           Tue Oct 18 12:52:39 2022 -0400
Zusammenfassung: * src/libxml2.mk: update to v2.10.3

From the changes I see, I’d like to graft 6466:bdaee5f21f49 (src/of-zeromq.mk: update to v1.5.5) to the release branch before the release of Octave 7.3.

Are there any Octave package updates in the changes I haven’t pulled that we should graft to the release branch, too?

ok the difference between yours and mine then is:

changeset: 6472:8891d4a21682
bookmark: @
user: John Donoghue john.donoghue@ieee.org
date: Fri Oct 21 16:56:22 2022 -0400
summary: * src/pixman.mk: update to v0.42.0

changeset: 6471:289980f33600
user: John Donoghue john.donoghue@ieee.org
date: Fri Oct 21 16:54:41 2022 -0400
summary: * src/fontconfig.mk: update to v2.14.1

changeset: 6470:e730b3562b49
user: John Donoghue john.donoghue@ieee.org
date: Wed Oct 19 16:57:24 2022 -0400
summary: * src/icu4c.mk: update to v72.1

changeset: 6469:86de99245336
user: John Donoghue john.donoghue@ieee.org
date: Wed Oct 19 16:33:45 2022 -0400
summary: * src/mesa.mk: update to v2.22.2

changeset: 6468:7906c0f93b05
user: John Donoghue john.donoghue@ieee.org
date: Tue Oct 18 12:52:39 2022 -0400
summary: * src/libxml2.mk: update to v2.10.3

Apart from that pkg update, there was a changeset that didnt get to release of

changeset: 6012:9a3d478b7164
user: John Donoghue john.donoghue@ieee.org
date: Sat Dec 11 09:13:23 2021 -0500
summary: * dist-files.mk: add sdl2.mk

That fixed a typo in the dist files.mk

Thanks. I grafted 6032:476b6731b2f4 and 6466:bdaee5f21f49 to the release branch and packed a clean local repository to a .zip file (bar the .hg folder).

@jwe: Could that be used to prepare the Windows installers?

mxe-octave-release.zip (2.8 MB)

@mmuetzel and @lostbard, I sent you instructions for accessing the mxe-octave repo on the new hg.octave.org system in a private message. Once you have access, could you please push the latest changes?


ve all changes up to



31325 (52ccba0f1af9) build: Use .def file for symbols exported from libexternal also for Cygwin. …


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If we need them.

Thank you.

I grafted two additional changes to the stable branch and pushed the changes to the new repository.

https://hg.octave.org/mxe-octave/ is back online.


I updated the Wiki page with the notes from here:
Online Developer Meeting (2022-10-25) - Octave