Octave has not the fuction ´writetable'

I’m looking for a package or function in Octave that allows me to do something similar to the ‘writetable’ function in Mathlab. I leave the link to the description of this function in Matlab. If someone can give me a hand with this I would be grateful. Regards

Octave does not yet have a native implementation of a Table data element, so being able to writetable to a filename seems like it would be a secondary concern after actually having a Table data element that needed to be written to file.

Are you trying to move code over from matlab that uses table elements, or do you just have tabulated data that you need to work with, where something other than a table might suffice?

*there is a Table package under development, you can try that but I can’t guarantee it will work for your intended purpose.

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Yes, I was trying to move the code, so well, I was looking for maybe a package like Tablious package. Right now my problem is to write 3 tables with columns and rows that displays the function “table” in a .xml file
I was trying to run this:

whereToStore4=fullfile(DirectoryPath,['FILE ‘.xlsx’]);