Octave packages installation on RHEL 8.6

octave:1> pkg install io-2.6.4.tar.gz
warning: creating installation directory /snap/octave/306/share/octave/packages
warning: called from
install at line 36 column 5
pkg at line 603 column 9

error: could not create installation directory: Read-only file system
error: called from
install at line 39 column 7
pkg at line 603 column 9

Getting this error when trying to install packages.
Any idea why the octave installation path /snap/octave/306/share/octave is read-only?
What I am missing?
thanks in advance!

Used following installation documentation for installing octave:

Looks like a uniqueness of snap Octave.

From the manual Administrating Packages (GNU Octave (version 7.1.0)) you can try relocating the package directories to your home directory:

pkg prefix /home/me/octave
pkg local_list /home/me/octave_packages

I think @mtmiller knows best about the snap version of Octave and you can also file a bug report upstream: GitHub - octave-snap/octave-snap: Octave snap packaging