Octave-packages repo


I am very sorry but seems I have pushed an incorrect commit to the octave-packages repo.

My intention was to pull from the main repo and then push to my fork in order to bring it up to date,
but it seems I somehow managed to do the opposite.

what is the best way to undo my change?


Thanks for reporting and no problem, I push-forced your last commit away. Please delete your commit locally or save your local changes and clone the package repo again.


Thanks for fixing that!

Just in case I mess things up again,
I was afraid that force-pushing could
create problems if others had already pulled,
is this not the case?


In general push forcing is forbidden in that repo. You have to explicitly set a setting, which I did for this exceptional situation occuring once in a while.

Because the incident time was not that long I think it is acceptable and I apologize to anyone having pulled in that short time :pray:

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Would it help to require pull requests before pushing to that repository? Or would that just make things more complicated without much improvement?

Good point. A few month ago I enforced this rule, but it caused confusion with a few users. Therefore, I reverted that rule to mitigate the on-boarding confusion during the switching time from Octave Forge to Octave Packages. Those problems happen quite rarely, thus I think we still can cope without that rule yet, but at some point we might come back to it.

Further, there is a less prominent option I created at this time, that is

This repo gets push forced to the state of Octave packages every night, and people can try or destroy whatever they like. But I know I am also lazy and mostly do PRs directly on the normal repo. Just to mention if anyone just wants to try out the Octave package system without doing any harm.