Octave terminal console problem

Problem description

  • How can I replicate the Octave problem? I don’t know, it happened casually.

  • I there any code that causes the error? No one code, the application itself has the problem

  • What did I expect to happen and what did happen? Octave normally opens with the internal command window but now it opens with the windows console too. So now i have two console’s, connected each other. Since the windows console have problems that cause crash of octave, i want to disable this secondary console.
    I have attached the screenshots of both console. For anything ask me. Sorry if i wrote with a bad english.

My system

This seems to be an issue if the new terminal app is set as the default console. See also:
Cli is open together with GUI in octave 7.1 on windows 11 - help - GNU Octave

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Thank you, i thought the terminal app was a new command prompt, instead no. I solved the problem simply unistalled this new app through search. Thank again.