Octave unable to find a Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

i downloaded octave after this message

I can’t lunch octave gnu after downloading. No errors no bugs just can’t lunch it

i work on a win10 pc. I have tried to download different version of ocatve gnu but i always have this error. I really need to work on octave. Anyone can hel^p?

In probably 90% of cases (or more), users can ignore that message of the installer.
In the next version of Octave’s installer it will be removed.

Do you still see problems if you just continue after that message?

It seems there is another problem despite the missing Java warning. I don’t fully understand what was successful and where problems remain.

Please answer a few standard questions to give an idea of the problem:

  1. Which Octave do you install?
  2. Did you ignore the Java warning at the beginning of the installation and successfully completed the installation of Octave?
  3. When you launch Octave, you claim nothing happens, right? How do you launch Octave?
  4. Do you have any previous / broken Octave installation (attempts) on your machine?