Octave with System Verilog (Co-simulation)

I found this example of using octave with System Verilog for co-simulation. There is mention of using Octave-devel packages along with the main package, can any body tell me if the octave-devel packages are still relevant and if it can be installed on Windows 10. Thank you

That article seems overly narrow to how Octave was packaged by a specific distro in 2014. The features referred to in the article are still present in Octave but the distro packaging may have changed.

If you want to link an external C++ program against the Octave libraries, the overall procedure is mostly the same. It’s described here in more detail: External Code Interface (GNU Octave (version 7.2.0))

You probably are interested in standalone programs in that section, which allows external C++ to link against Octave libraries. You can also write your main code in Octave and convert external C++ functions into oct files to be called by Octave.