Online Developer Meeting

Join us for another semi-formal meeting of Octave developers next Tuesday July 28 at 18:00 UTC. If I’m getting the time zones right, that is 11:00 Pacific / 14:00 Eastern in the US, 20:00 in Central Europe and 3:00 in Japan (Wednesday).

I intend to use Jitsi for the meeting and will post a URL here and also to the IRC channel and the maintainers mailing list an hour or so before the meeting begins.

We’ll mostly be discussing future directions of development and getting updates about activities from people working on core Octave and packages.

I will have an update about the 6.1.0 release. If anyone else has a specific topic they would like to discuss or something to present, please let me know.

This meeting is open to anyone with an interest in Octave development. It is not intended to be a support forum.


Wiki page for notes is created

I have a meeting set up at

(Yes, it’s not the FSF jitsi instance that I was was planning to use – I’m still having login issues there, so I’m switching to this one instead.)

We’ll start about an hour from now at 18:00 UTC and I plan to have the meeting run for an hour. I can talk briefly about the status of the version 6 release and whatever others would like to cover. We’ll also reserve some time at the end for discussion and questions.

If you would like to present some info, please try to keep it short and plan on no more than 5 minutes with a few more for questions.

We don’t know how many people might join. If there are technical issues I’ll take it as a learning experience.

Please mute your microphone if you are not speaking. And as I have learned, using headphones can help a lot to avoid feedback if you are speaking.

How do you think about another meeting next week?

We could talk about what is left to finally release Octave 6 and I can show a little bit about the state of octave-buildbot:

Yes, I’d be glad to have another meeting. Please propose a time that works well for you.

The times of the last meeting seemed to be working for many developers. To be not too spontaneous this week, how about next week:

Wednesday October 28 at 18:00 UTC (11:00 Pacific / 14:00 Eastern in the US, 20:00 in Central Europe and 3:00 in Japan [Thursday]).

I’ve got a meeting from 9 a.m-12 p.m. Pacific on Wednesday. I could do Tuesday, October 27 at 11 a.m. Pacific if you wanted to shift the day. No problems though if Wednesday works better for most people.

An additional thought to discuss at the Developer Meeting, when should we have another Code Sprint? It feels like it’s been a long time.

Just about any time next week is fine for me except Thursday @ 12:00-13:00 US Eastern time.

I am fine with Tuesday, too :+1:

Closing the loop on this, Tuesday @ 11 a.m. Pacific seems to work. Will rely on @jwe to send out an invite.