Package vrml unmaintained / broken


PROBLEM : Function vmesh not works!

the system does not give any response

The following code: (taken from '3D graphics using VRML)

% Test the vmesh and vrml_browse functions with the test_vmesh script
pkg load vrml
R = 41;C = 26; 
[x,y] = meshgrid (linspace (-8+eps,8+eps,C)); linspace (-8+eps,8+eps,R);
z = sin (sqrt (x.^2 + y.^2)) ./ (sqrt (x.^2 + y.^2));
vmesh (z)
  • I expect you report me about this error, if applicable. thanks you!

My system

No error was reported, thus it is difficult to explain the error you might have encountered. When running the code, I get

error: 'finite' undefined near line 270, column 270
error: called from
    vrml_surf at line 270 column 7
    vmesh at line 161 column 3

This function was deprecated in Octave 4.0 (May, 2015) and removed in Octave 4.4 (April, 2018)

** Deprecated functions.

The following functions have been deprecated in Octave 4.0 and will
be removed from Octave 4.4 (or whatever version is the second major
release after 4.0):

 Function             | Replacement
 ...                  |
 finite               | isfinite

However, the last release of that package was 2012… This is a case of an unmaintained package.

If you are interested in the package to work, you can:

  1. Contact the maintainer of that package by email Octave Forge - The 'vrml' package
  2. File a bug report at Savannah Octave Forge - Support/Help (this has by experience almost no chance of getting recognized by the maintainer of an unmaintained package)
  3. Work on your own fork of the package.
  4. In accordance with the previous maintainer become new package maintainer and make a new package release.