Parfor in octave

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Problem description

Hello. I am using GNU Octave 6.4 in windows. Now I want to use “parfor” to accelerate my code performance. But as we know, parfor in Octave acts like for. Is there any way to utilize parallel computing in Octave?
Actually, I have downloaded the parallel package from “forge” and paced it in my c directory. But I don’t know how can I install it using this directory and on the other hand, the package is .tar.gz. I am not sure is it possible to install those packages in windows or not.
any help is well come.

My system

I am using core I3 Intel CPU which has 4 core and 8 threats.
my OS is win 8.1 64 bit

There are probably a few steps to check:

  1. Octave packages are installed with the pkg install package_name command. Since the parallel package is hosted on Octave Forge, that command would be pkg install -forge parallel.
  2. The build rules of many packages have issues with spaces in paths. It wouldn’t surprise me if that is also true for the parallel package. Unfortunately, Windows’ default software installation directory includes spaces (C:\Program Files). To avoid that issue, uninstall Octave from its default location and install it again at a location that doesn’t include spaces (e.g. C:\Octave\Octave-6.4.0 or something similar).
  3. Even if it installs correctly, I’m not sure if Windows as a platform is supported by the parallel package. It might not work correctly.
  4. Even if it works correctly, you might need to adapt your code. I’m not sure if the parallel package adds support for parfor loops. You might need to use parcellfun or pararrayfun instead. (Maybe someone who worked with the parallel package before could clarify that point.)