Path given to -[NSWorkspace iconForFile:] is not a full path

I need help because while reading through forums I may have disrupted the PATH variable for its operation.
I get a continuous warning saying:

2021-12-23 11:39:13.617 octave-gui[71850:1861534] Path given to -[NSWorkspace iconForFile:] is not a full path.

And I can’t use the cmd window at all. I tried reinstalling and clearing brew cache but it doesn’t help.

Please suggest

First and most important is: calming down :slightly_smiling_face: You can only make it worse in the heat of the moment.

I assume you are still using an MacBook and you cannot start Octave?

First when something with the path variable is messed up, try to restart your system. If those changes were not persistent you get back a fresh and healthy system to further investigate the problem.

It seems to be related to Octave.App (@apjanke):

Try to remove all Octave.App installations before continuing with the Homebrew version.

hehe yess, I really should’ve taken it easy, messed up a lot.
I tried to restart the system and got rid of all related contents on my device but somehow the error still shows up. I recall this warning first showed up with I was trying to get the control pkg as it is a pre-requisite for the communications pkg.

I was following this link to get it to work but somehow managed to botch up the path variable :’)

Problems with the installation of control toolbox of octave in macOS big sur - #21 by Atrofino

Not to mention, to fix this I tried multiple reinstallations and clearing cache before every reinstall but the error just won’t go away :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you summarize what is working or not on your system? Is this an error that prevents you from using Octave at all, or does this message only shows up often, as said in the GitHub bug report?

If you use Homebrew, you can try to run brew doctor to see if your environment is sane.

So the warning shows up in a successive manner for a number of iterations and it makes it difficult to use the command window until it stops. And for instance if I use the cmd window for example to execute the setenv cmd for the pkg, the same warning shows up multiple times, the command entered works however its practically impossible to follow up with the same message showing so many times.
Running brew doctor doesn’t really show up anything unusual for my device.

Thank you so much for your help through all this, really appreciate it.

Hi! Word from the maintainer (me) is: uhh, yep, this happens sometimes, and I have no idea what causes it or how to fix it. Sorry. (I’m not a proficient macOS developer, just a software packager, so I’m not really sure how to debug this.)

I doubt that doing brew doctor will do anything here. This appears to me to be a direct interaction between Octave’s own make-this-program-a-Mac-GUI-app logic and macOS’s Cocoa/Carbon/whatever GUI APIs.

Maybe one could attach Xcode’s debugger to the Octave process and trap this error? I dunno. Wish they would have included the actual given iconForFile argument in the error message to make this easier to track down.

It’s also totally possible that this is due specifically to’s packaging layer, and not to the core Octave code, and this is something that itself needs to fix. We do have some icon-handling logic in the app bundler.

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