Phase plane graph

Screen Shot 2020-11-04 at 12.53.38 PM

Can anyone please help me write a script for these 2 equations
and then make a plot for S/t and one for s1/s2?

thanks a lot

Your idea of “help” is interesting :thinking: What did you try, where did you struggle?

Especially, how should anyone help to create the desired plots, if all parameters k_i, i=1\ldots5 are undefined?

If you are already struggling at the very beginning of your task: Have a look at the functions lsode() or ode45(), which give you the solution s(t) of your ode. With that, use plot() to produce the desired plots.

thank you very much, yes i dont even know how to start

i dont know how to start, I have no clue how to transfer or to start a differential equation in octave.

Second web search machine hit for “octave ode”:

Old (for Octave 1.1.1) but still works :+1: