Plans for Octave 6.2?

If I recall correctly, when we planned to release Octave 6.1, we aimed to follow up with a bug fix release not too much later. Is that still the plan?
Octave 6.1 was released approx. 6 weeks ago. That is still quite recently, imho.
Nevertheless, some important bugs have already been fixed in the meantime (among which some that prevent correct package execution).
Are there any plans for when that bug fix release should happen more or less?

Other bugs that caused regressions from previous versions are still open. Imho, it would be nice if we could fix those before a bug fix release.
Would it make sense to try and collect some bugs already that should be fixed for an Octave 6.2? Or would it be better to wait and see if more reports will trickle in?

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Yes, a 6.2.0 release should happen relatively soon. Fixing any regressions we can is also a good goal. But even if we can’t fix them all, I think it would still be good to release 6.2.0 within a few weeks.

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There are only a few reports I can think of off-hand that would be nice to have fixed before Octave 6.2 imho:

Any others?

IIRC, we had to downgrade to an older Qt version for some reason.
Is that already resolved? Or is that also something that would be good to have fixed for Octave 6.2? (Or for Octave 7?)