Plans for Octave 6.2?

I saw one hard crash with the sparsersb package from Octave Forge:
GNU Octave - Bugs: bug #60042, [octave forge] (sparsersb) Crash… [Savannah]
That has the potential that a user looses data.

This is probably not caused by core Octave. Nevertheless, we should decide what to do for this in MXE Octave.
I see these options:

  1. Ship as is (with the potential of annoying some users).
  2. Don’t include sparsersb in the Windows bundle. But still include librsb (which probably causes the crash). That way users could still decide to install the package with pkg -forge install sparsersb “at their own risk”.
  3. Don’t include sparsersb and librsb in the Windows bundle. That would make it quite difficult for Windows users to use the sparsersb package.
  4. Give Michele some time to find and fix the bug.

Some other packages don’t pass their test suites either. But running the their test suites didn’t cause a crash for me.

I’m not sure what’s best. Does every operation with sparsersb crash? Or just some things? If a fix for librsb is found, we could always upload a patched build for Windows.

I went ahead with the release process and started the Windows builds with the existing packages. Once they are done I’ll upload everything. It may be 6-8 hours as I’m building everything starting from a clean build tree.

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@jwe Thanks for starting the release procedure. If you are ready with uploading all files, I can update the website accordingly. Looking forward for 6.2.0 :slightly_smiling_face:

In my opinion, no package should block an Octave release, unless the bug is triggered within core Octave is of immense severeness and triggered very frequently. Even Octave on MS Windows ships some packages for user convenience, the responsibility for packages is with it’s maintainer.

sparsersb is no core feature and probably not many people use this code in their daily work and can stay on an slightly older Octave version until things are fixed on both ends. Even shipping a “broken” package might help sparsersb users to detect the root of the problem and help debugging. On the other hand, users are waiting for (in worst case) three months for other important fixes and the rate of duplicate reports will rise if waiting longer :wink:

The maintainer of sparsersb can put a respective notice on his website, that a particular Octave core version does not work with his code. In the end it is a package and unless it is clear what is the problem within core Octave, it is also very likely that something in the package code is flawed.

I’m uploading to now. I expect the files to be available in less than an hour.

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Thanks for the upload. The website and wiki are updated. Some mirrors have to be synchronized within the next hours and can you tag the release in the repository?

I added a 6.2.0 release value to the Savannah Bug Tracker. If there is a checklist for making releases, we need to add this as a TODO item for every release.

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There is a checklist in the etc/RELEASE.CHECKLIST file. Sorry I missed a few things this time. Maybe more of it could be scripted to make the process easier?