Plot with '@' is not usable on 7.1.0

On version 7.1.0, the below

>> x=0:0.5:10;
>> plot(x, x.*x, '@');


error: plot: properties must appear followed by a value
error: called from
    __plt__ at line 97 column 13
    plot at line 235 column 10

Is plot with ‘@’ not supported on octave ver.7 ?
If it is true, please show me the alternative way.


Was @ ever supported as a linespec? I don’t see it listed in Octave’s help for plot and it’s not in the list of matlab expected markers

I have been using plot ‘@’ more than ten years before.
plot with ‘@’ works octave-6.4.0.

I will use ‘+’ instead from now.

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Support for the undocumented marker style '@' was removed for Octave 7 as part of this changeset:
octave: 014d2710dcd5 (

IIUC, '+' is the correct (supported) replacement. :+1:

okay. I thought it sounded familiar.

-        ## Backward compatibility.  Leave undocumented.

that would explain why i couldn’t even find reference in the old docs. :slight_smile: