Plotted figures completly white first

Dear reader,

I wonder if you have a hint for me…

I want to plot 4 statistic plot (min, max, mean and standard deviation) at once.
In general my script is working but first, all figures are just white - see screenshot:

When I select one figure and resize it marginally - the plot appears:

I would like to see all 4 plots without the need of resizing any figure window…

Here the main script that I am using:

plot_stat_forum.m (3.8 KB)

I am using “Octave-7.2.0” (downloaded from on a Windows 10 machine.


Has no one any idea??

Generally speaking, if you want you report to be taken seriously you need to provide
a minimal example that can be run on other people computers. The script you provided
has has too much cruft and depends on other stuff specific to your computer.

Having said that, my guess that the opengl driver *opengl32.dll) provided with the octave installation may
have some problem on your computer. You may try removing it (renaming it to opengl32.gll_bak e.g.)
so octave would try to use the one provided by the OS.
Alternatively (as a workaround) you may add drawnow() statements in your script after
plot decorating sequences.