Problems with the function "immaximas" part of the package "image" of octave forge

Problem description

Hello dear community , i’ve been experimented a problem in the usage of predetermined function"immaximas". This function is part of the package “image” from forge_octave_website.
I load the package with the command prompt ,introducing the exact words that are refered in the website tutorial, and i cannot achieve what i want to.

Code Lines for better explanation:
" S2 is a matriz MxN"
[r, c] = immaximas (S2)
error: ‘spatial_filtering’ undefined near line 83, column 83
error: called from
ordfiltn at line 83 column 10
immaximas at line 83 column 7

Thank u for investing time reading this topic. I hope u can help me.



Works for me with the “image” package version 2.10.0 and Octave 6.2.0.

Which versions are you using?

I´m using 6.2.0 version of Octave and 2.12.0 version of the package image. Thank you for your answer. I will try the 2-10-0 version.

Sorry. That was a typo. I’m actually using 2.12.0, too.

Did you maybe update Octave recently and forget to update the package afterwards?

I’ve got the version updated, both versions. How can I installed it without enter in C disk?

Are you using Windows? In that case, try to uninstall any local “image” package (if there is one). The “image” package that is included in the installer should be working fine.
To uninstall the local package, run pkg uninstall image.

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Just to be clear, did you load the package before trying to use the function?

>>pkg load image