Project infrastructure discussion

It has been a couple of weeks since the November developer online meeting Reviewing the items, one item was to discuss on Discourse ideas to ensure Octave project continuity.

The current list of project infrastructure is listed at and @jwe stated he would like to consolidate them.

This discussion is to agree on the scope of what needs to be consolidated, not on identifying specific solution providers yet.

For the following components, should it (A) be discontinued, or (B) continue on the same service provider, or (C) continue on a different service provider?

  • Mercurial code repository (currently Savannah)
  • Bug, patch and task management (currently Savannah)
  • Mailing lists (currently Savannah)
  • Hosting source tarballs and downloads for end users (currently
  • domain name registration (currently Dreamhost)
  • main page (currently
  • Octave wiki (currently Dreamhost?)
  • Octave doxygen (currently Dreamhost?)
  • Octave buildbots (currently Digitalocean?)
  • (currently Digitalocean? Is this different from octave: log ?)
  • (currently Dreamhost?)
  • blogs (currently Dreamhost?)
  • Discussions (currently Discourse)
  • website (where is this located?)

Is the above complete? Please fact-check the above list of services and providers. I will edit any errors.