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Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.

Write a Matlab function or script file named airprops that will output any of the properties
indicated below for any temperature between 100 K and 1600 K.
For a function file, the user will state the property being requested and the temperature. For
example, to find the thermal conductivity k at 580 K, the command would be:

k = airprops(‘cond’,580)
For a script file, the code will prompt the user to indicate the property of interest, and the
temperature. For example
What air property would you like to determine: cond
What is the air temperature: 580

In response, the program would then access the table, do a 3rd order polynomial interpolation, and
report the result. The input property names to be used are: [35 marks]
ρ – ‘dens’ Density of Air
cp –‘cp’ Heat Capacity of Air

This sounds like a homework assignment. If so, we’re not going to do your homework for you. Perhaps you can show us what you’ve attempted so far, and where specifically you’re having trouble. We may be able to provide tips or point you to relevant parts of the Octave documentation for help with a particular topic.

for now, absent any other input from you, it appears you need to start with: