Recommended Discourse settings ✅

  1. Mailing-list mode: If you prefer the old mailing-list style of notification, Discourse can be used like a mailing-list and you receive a notification for every message posted.

I just noticed that for my own posts, I seem to be able to edit them, and even delete them, at will.

Is that a global setting that we want to have? Seems like years after the fact you could accidentally, or purposefully, change entries. Or worse, what if someone gets a hold of a user’s ID and password. They could then start editing old posts to be racist, etc.

I promoted you to admin :muscle: I am still a noob admin and need to figure out many things before we should make this our official Octave forum. If you are interested join my discovery tour :wink:

Okay, the Discourse UI is a little goofy. They want to give you badges and little progress reports whenever you accomplish something on the website. I edited my post because I got the name “Andrew” wrong when it should have been “Nick”. Having made that edit, I got the “Edit” badge which came with this note:

This badge is granted the first time you edit one of your posts. While you won’t be able to edit your posts forever, editing is encouraged — you can improve the formatting, fix small mistakes, or add anything you missed when you originally posted. Edit to make your posts even better!

The good thing is that apparently the ability to edit posts does lapse with time.

I’m also pretty sure anyone can see the original post with one click even when it has been edited, and it should be clear who made the edit and when.

Edit: I waited for the 5 minute grace period to edit this comment, you should be able to see the original.

@siko1056 Can we move these kinds of meta threads into the #site-feedback category?

@mtmiller sure. You should also have admin rights to create categories.

This link seems to be busted; I’m getting a 404 error. Is this something temporary or should the link point somewhere new?

@rik Thank you for the hint. I thought Cern to be reliable, but maybe they are in a testing phase as we are and their permalink was not as permanent as I thought it to be :thinking: I created an own screenshot, that nobody can take away now.