Rot90 not rotating properly

x = [1; 2]
y = rot90 (x)

Gives y = [1 2] but answer should be [-2; 1] D-: help plz

The function rot90 just rotates an array 90°, so that, like in your example, a column vector becomes a row vector, but does not change the values in the array.

Could you explain how you think [-2; 1] should be the result of a 90° rotation?

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Like @pantxo already wrote, rot90 permutes the first two dimensions of an array. It doesn’t perform a matrix rotation in a geometrical sense.
Afaict, there are no built-in functions for matrix rotation in Octave.
IIUC, you’d like to rotate in 2d Euclidean space. In that case, you could define a function like this:

function out = rot2d (in, angle)
# Rotate 2d column vectors IN by ANGLE in degrees

rot = [cosd(angle), -sind(angle); sind(angle), cosd(angle)];
out = rot * in;


With that function, you’d get the result you expected with rot2d (x, 90).

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So the rot90 function is (xkcd: Matrix Transform)

Yeah. The name of the function is a bit unfortunate. But we need to keep it for compatibility with code written for Matlab.