Savannah Bugs and Patches on not updating

I didn’t participate in last developer meeting. But if I’m reading the minutes correctly, it was agreed on trying to release Octave 7.3.0 before the end of October.

The bug tracker overview on GNU Octave - Savannah Bugs and Patches currently shows 27 open bug reports tagged for Octave 7 (5 of them are already marked as ready for test).
Do any of the remaining bugs need to be fixed before the release? If yes, which?

@jwe and others: Would it make sense to prepare a release candidate before the actual release to help catching any regressions? (We didn’t get much feedback for the release candidate for Octave 7.2.0 though.)

OT: I updated the status of some bug reports. But the overview on doesn’t seem to pick up those changes.
@siko1056: Any idea why?

Edit: This thread is entirely about the OT so far. So, I opened a new thread for tracking the release.

Regarding the last part, the recent Savannah updates might have affected the layout as well and destroyed SavannahAPI’s web scraping again.

I check on this next week.

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@mmuetzel Do you face issues with SavannahAPI on I do not find any flaws right now :thinking:

Perfect. :+1: It has updated for me now, too. I’m pretty sure it still displayed outdated results yesterday.
(But I’m wondering why bug #63058 is still in the list for Octave 7 bugs. It has long been closed (and marked as spam). I changed the release tag now. Maybe that will make it disappear.)

Thanks for confirming. I am also pretty sure something was bogged a few days ago… :thinking: Maybe we are lucky this time :sweat_smile:

Regarding bug #63058, SavannahAPI has no annonymous access to this report. One must be logged in to see this bug. Thus the state cannot be updated.

A trick would be you make it visible again, change the values to another old release. Trigger the SavannahAPI update and hide it again :see_no_evil:

Or wait for me to scrape the whole Savannah bug database again from scratch. Not planned at the moment.

Which property controls whether the report is visible to anonymous users?

It looks like it is stuck again. Bug #63198 has been closed (and renamed). But it still appears in the listing (with its old name).

Edit: It looks like it just took some time…

Long story short: SavannahAPI is delayed by worst-case 5+1 minutes to updates on Savannah. If you are impatient, you can force the update of an individual item by pushing the :arrows_counterclockwise:-button next to an item.

SavannahAPI has no direct access to Savannah for immediate changes. It periodically (all 5 minutes) scrapes the mailing list archives and “guesses” which items should be updated and copies all the data to an own database. More details in my blog post from last year: SavannahAPI - A more systematic overview about bugs and patches

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Thanks for clarifying. I thought I waited around 8 hours before writing about bug #63198.

Does clicking that button refresh the database for everyone? Or is that just local?

If I click that button next to that other spam report, an error message appears in the upper right corner of the browser window saying: bugs #63058 Invalid ItemID ‘63058’ for TrackerID ‘bugs’.
Is it worth removing the affected item when this happens. Or would that cause more issues in other cases?

You update the server by clicking the refresh button for all users.

Regarding bug #63058

I think an admin @jwe, might have control above the visibility. I cannot change this to apply the aforementioned trick:

There are other bugs in that list that haven’t disappeared since I updated them about 10 hours ago. (But I’d like to avoid mentioning them here in case someone will take that as an invitation to click the update button - which will make it look like there is no issue…)

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Your comment made me suspicious and now I can reproduce the error that causes SavannahAPI to struggle:

The regular update is triggering this url Yesterday I checked the output only locally on my test system, where bug #63058 is no longer visible and thus not a problem :man_facepalming:

The production system shows the culprit:

{"state":"error","message":"Invalid ItemID '63058' for TrackerID 'bugs'."}

This weekend I improve the system to be resilient against faulty db entries. The first time in a year this happens :sweat_smile:

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Some updates are pushed now. A similar faulty Savannah entry would in the future cause no trouble.

Please report any other problems you face with that tool :sunglasses: :wrench:

Thanks for the update.
Is bug #63058 supposed to “automagically” disappear from that list after these changes? It’s still showing for me.

That one was from September, thus the “automagic” (great term) might not catch it. Does it disappear after a manual refresh?

Okay a manual refresh did it.

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It looks like updates of the “Savannah Bugs and Patches” overview have stopped again?

Another API update on savannah? Or did a job stop running?

One update job did not complete. I am not super sure what was the problem, but it should work again.

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