Search Help for keywords?

Is it possible to search Help? Browsing seems very inefficient.
I use either an iPad or Lenovo PC to access the site.
Thank you

There are two possibilities to search the documentation:

  1. Download the manual as pdf document and use the search functionality in your pdf reader
  2. Use the documentation browser in Octave GUI by typing doc in the command line or by just opening the documentaton widget via the menu Window, Documentation (shortcut Ctrl-5).

Sorry, I meant how do you search the many discussions in this help section of the octave
Discourse group, not the online octave documentation.

On my screen, there is an icon that looks like a magnifying glass close to the top right corner of the screen when browsing this forum. That opens a search interface for me.
But afaict, that doesn’t support full text search of the forum.

You could also try using online search engines. E.g. with Google, you can limit the search results to a specific domain. Just enter something like this into the search box:
However, it could take some time for new topics to make it into the index of the search engine…

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