Segmentation fault on use of classdef constant property

I’m using the 6.2.0 GUI on Windows 10. As of today, every time I try to run a script, I get a dialog box with title “octave-gui.exe - System Error” and with the text “A new guard page for the stack cannot be created”. The only option is “OK”, which closes the GUI.

If I ignore it, I can keep interacting with the GUI, but the Command Window is frozen and I can’t get back to the main prompt, nor can I seem to run any scripts from the file browser nor from the editor, so I basically have no choice but to quit.

I’ve tried rebooting… not sure what other steps to take to fix this. Help, please?

Oh, I found the problem! I have a file of constants, and I had just changed one of the values to be an expression referring to another value in the same class. Apparently, this is not allowed; however, instead of a helpful error message, I got the above-mentioned dialog box.

If you’d like to see the behaviour, here’s a short file which causes the crash:

classdef test
  properties (Constant)
    x = 3;
    y = 2/test.x;

Thanks for reporting and sorry for the trouble. The problem seems to be GNU Octave - Bugs: bug #57557, Segmentation fault on use of... [Savannah] which is not resolved as of today.

Thanks for following up. I haven’t yet delved into how to report bugs, so I’m glad to see this is in there already. (I also experienced the error in "<unknown>" message as well.)

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